About us

We are a portable photo booth for hire in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching, Malaysia for a range of events such as weddings, parties, exhibitions, corporate events and more. Specially made by a reputable photo booth manufacturer in the USA, our photo booth is manufactured from durable commercial grade materials designed for high traffic use.

Our photo booth is totally portable and can be set up quickly for any type of event. The prints and the photo booth can be customized with your own logo or event imagery for maximum impact.

The photo booth takes a series of four different pictures in one strip with 3 options: colour, vintage or black and white. Each strip takes only 10 seconds, to print! Every shot taken is also displayed on a screen inside the booth.

Rental of the booth comes with one technician, printer and FUN photo booth accessories. It is time to bring back old school fun and give your best pose!

Why hire a photo booth?

Why should I have a photo booth at my party? What’s so great about it? How does it work? A photo booth will be the highlight of your event! There is nothing guests like doing more than taking fun pictures with their friends that they can take home with them immediately. Especially so when they are all dressed up!

All your guests will be thrilled with our amazing picture quality and speedy printing of the photos. The best part is, it really is FUN for all ages! Your parents and grandparents will reminisce about how they took pictures in a photo booth back in the good old days. Children will be grabbing all their friends and cram up in the booth for silly pictures that will last a lifetime. Your guests will be thrilled to discover that they can take as many pictures as they want for FREE! Yup, you read it right…..when you hire our photo booth and take up a package, you receive an UNLIMITED amount of pictures at no additional cost!

Photo booth photographs also make wonderful gifts. Beforehand, you can take photos of the happy newlyweds, or the beautiful birthday girl, frame them, and give them away as gifts or souvenirs. We also make a scrap book throughout the party with pictures from all the guests. 
 We can also provide soft copies of the pictures for you so you may upload them onto your own online album to share with your guests.

Our photo booth comes with one trained photo booth technician so you do not have to worry about set up or operations. The booth will be brought to your event location.